How to create good comedy.

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Comedy is something that can make you smile or laugh. Making anyone smile is a difficult job to do. I am going to mention some qualities having which you can create laughter in any serious situation. But do not make laughter out of anything. This will make you into an idiot. Creating laughter is a very important thing in relationships. It makes the relationship go smoothly. It enhances team work. It increases group working in people. Laughter makes people with ease at you and comfortable to talk to you. Creating laughter makes you people's favourite and they will will be happy if you around. In fact, they will wish you were around when they are depressed or sad. If you are able to create good laughter, people are surely going to be attracted to you. You will always be surround by your jolly friends.

Step 1 : Always be confident

What similarities do you find in the great comedians like Mr. Raju Srivastava, Mr. Johnny Lever, Mr. Sunil Pal etc ? They all are very confident in what they say. Confidence is a very important quality if you want to create a laughter. People will laauugh at your jokes only if you are confident in what you are saying. And even if you said a very poor joke, you should be able to make the environment a jolly one and laugh at your own joke confidently so that people laugh with you simultaneously. You should speak loud so that people are inclineed to listen at you. 

So, if you are able to change the environment around you to a very jolly and friendly one, you can create good comedy. If not, then try to improve on this point. Try to be confident. Increase your self confidence. To increase your self confidencec, I teach a very unique thing to my students. It is the 20-20-20 principle. This principle is - 

  • Speak 20% fast
  • Speak 20% loud
  • Walk 20% fast

By this principle, you will increase your self-cofindence at least by 50%.

Step 2 : Way of Speaking

You should speak in such a manner so that people wait till the end of what you say. Many people have lots of funny things to say, but they can't expressess themselves. You should speak fluently without taking a pause. Taking pauses while you speak destroys all the funny part in it. People will get bored of you quite quickly.

So, if you have quite a fluent way of decribing things and if you can express yourself correctly in front of others, you are a good comedian. In fact, you are a decent orator. If not, try to increase your fluency in describing things. This will help you.

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How to create good comedy.

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How to create good comedy.

This article was published on 2012/10/16