Comebacks and Humor and You

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Everyone's felt it before: Your coworker makes the odd comment. Your emotions are boiling, there's very little you can make up on the spot to comeback at them. Using humor in a concise fashion is often touted as a gift from above, or containing some sense of divinity inherent innately. Everyone enjoys laughing; scientific research actually proves that serotonin production increases by laughing even while sad. An interesting paradox that exists is the fact that the most prevalent comedians and actors who use humor with an edge of perfection care very little about being funny or witty. It's common sense that a brief article will not be able to encompass the intricacies of wit and the mind, but this one will touch on the 7 main portions of using humor effectively in comebacks or any other linguistic device.


This is the essence of making a miniscule issue into a herculian one. In many cases, a cartoonist will make a caricature of a politician or popular star for added emphasis to his message.


Many times, examples of this also include using opposite sides of the spectrum to deliver ones' point.Once the dawn of realization illuminates the alternate definition of the phrase or word, one sees it in a whole new light.Taken to the extreme and trying too hard, your audience will often be repulsed by what you said more than light-hearted.

Turn of Phrase

Like its predecessors, this style also relies on using misdirection to ellicit a favorable reaction from your audience.Mark Twain had been known to use this very frequently, like when he said that "youth is such a wonderful thing, it is shame to waste it on children."


A good example is asking at a bankers convention, "I wonder where the depositors hold their convention."


The power of this method comes from a play on opposites once again. A cutting and sobering example of this is the inventor of dynamite, Alfred Nobel, whose profits made from it today award one lucky person with the Nobel Peace Prize once a year.


Scorn is an intense form of wit and should be used carefully.

Covert Nipping

This concept is the opposite of Exaggeration, so it follows that words are used to underplay how important something is.In addition, anything that is not said light-heartedly will not evoke laughter.The best results will be reaped by one with a straight face and unpredictable heart and mind. Laughing before your audience does is an amateur mistake.The fruits of this method can only be reaped by the person who practices it constantly. The entertainment will die faster than a kamikaze pilot if there is any fumbling of words or slips during the punch line. As a final note, effective humor needs to be natural.


The root and basic premise of a comeback is that it must be congruent and on topic with whatever the initial provocation was. If one prepares and practices enough, it will soon because natural for him to employ all of these tactics for day to day use, even if they were extremely shy and dry before.

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Comebacks and Humor and You

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This article was published on 2010/03/28